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2019-2021Understanding and targeting the extracellular NADome in inflammation. PRIN 2017link
2018-2019Cannabis sativa by-products as a source of repellents and insecticides. Hemp derivatives-based new formulations for effective, safe and eco-friendly applications in human health and agriculturelink
2014-2015Chemical and biological characterization of essential oils for the development of multi-functional innovative products targeting skin disorders’link
2011-2012Smart polymeric materials for eco-friendly antimicrobial applicationlink
2020-2022PSR-Programma di Sviluppo Rurale della Regione Marche 2014/2020 – Canapa Revoltionlink
2010-2012Spinal and supraspinal bio-molecular, neuro-immune, neurophysiological and morphological changes in a murine model of neuropathic pain PRIN 2009link