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email: rossana.galassi@unicam.it

Dr. Rossana Galassi is a researcher in the field of General Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry, CHIM03, since 1998. His research is about chemistry of coinage metals coordination with particular regard to their applications.

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Exam informations

 Dear Students, 

in the cartel materiale didattico, you can find slides, list of contents, some exam formats to tune and evaluate your preparation before the exam date. Any furher explanantion and clarification can be furnished by mail or, if needed by a meeting earlier planned by mail messages or calling to my phone number. 

The exam of general and inorganic chemistry as well as chemistry is divided in two parts and you should enroll to one part or both by considering your preparation: Written on stoichiometry (partial exam, you need calculator (no mobile phone) and periodic table; oral exam) To face the oral exam you must pass trhe written on stoichiometry.


1)     Nomenclature for inorganic compounds