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Luciano Barboni è professore associato presso la Scuola di Scienze e Tecnologie dell’Università di Camerino. email: luciano.barboni@unicam.it tel: 0737402240

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Results Second Partial 14-06-2017


Dear students,

the results of the second partial exam of Organic Chemistry for Biosciences and Biotechnology are available at: http://docenti.unicam.it/tmp/7837.pdf

For the final registrations students who passed the exam should register for June 19th. We will then take an appointment for the registration.


Prof. Luciano Barboni

Virtual Room

 Dear students,

starting from Monday 19th, the address of my virtual room will be


Please read the tutorial at http://www.unicam.it/didatticaduepuntozero/

See you there.


results of the organic chemistry exam held on 19-06-2017

The results of the organic chemistry exam held on 19-06-2017 are available at http://docenti.unicam.it/tmp/7854.pdf

Exam registration: June 21st, 9:30, polo delle scienze.

Luciano Barboni

Exam registration

Dear students,

students who want to sit for the organic chemistry exam must register by the on-line procedure. Non registerd students will not be allowed to partecipate. 

Exam dates and registration

Dear Students,

the exam on July 3rd is for students who cannot come on the 19th of June because of laboratory class, so students have to choose the 19th of June OR the 3rd of July. Student who sit on the 19th of June will not be admitted on the 3rd of July.