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Advanced GIS

The course will be held in English and will start on March 28th (lessons Tuesday 9  - 11 and Friday 11 to 13). I’ll be in my office for one hour after the lessons.
All the student must be provided with a laptop (OS Windows).
The course is addressed exclusively to those who already have a sound knowledge of the basic use of GIS (e.g. I/O operations, editing and creation of shapefiles and tables, join of external tables, geopocessing operations, customization of representations, creation end export of simple layouts), since all the above the procedures will be asked to be used without any explanation. I’ll start the next course in “basic GIS” in late April 2017; since it's a module of the L32/34, it will be held in Italian (anyhow, if some foreigner will follow the course, I’ll provide instant translation).